What’s Eating You?!


After the Wednesday evening, June 3 plenary at the Latchis, join us at the River Garden for an evening of hilarity!

As we invite Summiteers to think all of the challenges we face around our food-related choices, we want to bring some ease to all of our food quandaries! We invite you to share your funniest and/or most entertaining moments regarding all things food: everyday food choices, food quandaries, food mysteries, tall food tales, food philosophy, food science and food fables. Perhaps your funny food encounter took place at the grocery store, your local co-op, or maybe at a dinner party.  Or, maybe it was an internal dialogue while pouring over a food label or digging into your dinner plate.  We’ve all had those situations and this event just allows space to share and laugh about all of our quandaries and complicated relationships with food. Fun, entertaining, but still, we think, informative.

This event will be a semi-open mic format with some featured individuals and space for individuals from the audience to share.  Our featured storytellers and comedians will introduce you to their inner musings, some might be in character and others will just surprise as they bring you into their world as it relates to all things food.

Let’s face it, in the world of food and food systems, a lot of things can get complicated potentially leaving us with analysis paralysis.  However, we can take a moment to take a step back and bring some laughter to this aspect of our lives.

If you are interested getting involved, contact Shanta!


The lineup, so far:

Vicki Robin

Vicki Robin

Ali Berlow

Ali Berlow 300

Linda Wheatley

Linda Wheatley

Dede Cummings

Dede Cummings 300

Ezlerh Oreste

Ezlerh Oreste 300

 Eliani Torres




Daniel Kornguth

Daniel Kornguth