The 2012 Slow Living Summit in Brattleboro is behind us, but thanks to the help of a crew of volunteers and Brattleboro Community Television, more than a dozen sessions, including key plenaries, are archived as video and can be viewed:

  1. Latchis Main sessions archived from:
  2. Marlboro Graduate Center Room 2 North will stream from here:

Brattleboro Community TV partners for video

As a SLS Media Partner, Brattleboro Community TV provided some of the equipment and volunteers to stream live video of much of the proceedings. Here’s a list of the sessions filmed, and the volunteer camera people who helped:

Wednesday May 30th:


Latchis Main (LM):  “Setting an Agenda”-                                                       Volunteer:          Wendy 

Marlboro Grad Center (MGC): No session.


Thursday May 31st

8:15-9:45 AM

LM: “Linking Wall Street”-                                                                             Volunteer:             Cor 

MGC: No session.


10:05-11:45 AM

LM: “CO-OPs Humanizing the economy”-                                                      Volunteer:        Francine     

MGC: “Justice/Wealth Four Views, Is sustaining wealth possible?”-                 Volunteer:        Maria


1:30-2:30 PM

LM: Slow money                                                                                         Volunteer: Wendy

MGC: No session



LM: “Investing: Slow Money”-                                                                      Volunteer: Brendan

MGC: “GROSS NTNL HAPPINESS: social policy around happiness…”          Volunteer:  Michael



LM: “INVESTING: Financing the socially-responsible enterprise”                      Volunteer: Brendan

MGC: “Slow Relationships: Changing How We Perceive and Treat Each Other” Volunteer:  Kip


7:00 PM-8:30 PM 

LM: “How can communities and journalism sustain each other?”                    Volunteer: Brendan

MGC: no session.


Friday June 1st

8:15-9:30 AM

LM: “Farm to Table: Why does it matter?”                                               Volunteer: Cor

MGC: No session



LM: “Lessons Learned” (THIS SESSION GOES UNTIL 12:30)                  Volunteer: Brendan

MGC: “Slow news, community and the future of media: ”                         Volunteer: Cor



LM: “Continuation of previous session”:                                                     Volunteer: Brendan

MGC: : “Building to Last: Ownership and governance”                              Volunteer: (OPEN)



LM: Corporate Personhood: Corporate rules change, CitizensUnited      Volunteer: Janis

MGC:  How to sustain business: 6 pros, 6 skills, exposed                       Volunteer: (OPEN)



LM: Gov. Peter Shumlin, David Orr, Sen. Bernie Sanders                      Volunteer: Wendy