The Slow Living Vision

By Greg Moschetti
The Slow Living vision is for a world where humankind is rooted in community and organized around the paramount importance of the common good in all human activity.  We envision a world where we are mindful of our place in nature and community and where we recognize that quality of life, community and the future matter greatly. It is a world where our basic connectedness to land, place and people is appreciated and celebrated, and where we take the long view that builds a healthy, fulfilling way of life for all generations to come. –

Slow Living is living within our means and living within the means the earth provides.  It is more time for family, community, and self. It is a simpler, better, richer, more prosperous life in terms of human happiness and fulfillment.  It is vibrant communities with strong economic and social resilience connected to other like-minded communities in a worldwide network of mutual learning and support. It is new ways of doing business, commerce and investing, getting the food and energy we need, and making the decisions that govern our lives based on the common good. It celebrates and rewards socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurship and activism for each one’s innovations and contributions to community.

This vision is already in the process of creation all over the world by an amazing array of people who are working on sustainable agriculture, community building, renewable energy, reforestation, social justice, new economic models, energy and resource conservation, and more. They come from all walks of life and live in rural areas, small towns, and large cities. They are young and old, wealthy and struggling. They are all looking for a better way, a saner way, and a happier way to live and organize our lives.


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