A unique ‘Slow’ session started late and ended late in the Latchis Thursday morning under the heading, : “Spirit: Validating our Sixth Sense.”

The panel consisted of actress and social activist Viveka Davis, her mother and Interfaith Minister Doris Davis, “Sacred Economics,” author Charles Eisenstein and host Cathy Berry, the managing director of Baldwin Investment Group.

“This is a relaxing session to connect you to yourself,” said Berry.

The workshop was one that welcomed laughter due in part to the candidness of the panel.

“Can you please direct your attention to the white male up front,” joked Eisenstein, as the workshop transitioned between conceptualizing “the spirit” and empowering the voices of female panelists.

Both Viveka and Doris recently embarked on a 750 mile walk, not across but about the country entitled, “Sole 2 Soul Walk,” to bring attention to a need to value women’s opinion as contributions to politics, the environment and the greater whole to benefit and better our world.

Davis speaks at Slow Living workshop: Validating our Sixth Sense. Photo by Rachael Roth

Doris Davis prompted Einstein to read aloud a segment from his book, “Sacred Economics.”:

“Almost anytime someone gets the exciting feat of idea, the thought, ‘How can I make money from this?’ follows close behind. But when profit becomes the aim, and not a mere side affect of artistic creation, the creation ceases to be art, and we become sods. Expanding this principle to life in general, Robert Graves warns, ‘You choose your jobs to provide you with a steady income, and leisure to render the goddess, whom you adore, valuable part time service. ‘Who am I,’ will you ask, ‘to warn you that she demands either whole time service, or none at all?’,” read Eisenstein, pointedly using the passage to highlight the goddess as both a female as well the feminine side that exists in both men and women.

The overarching theme that emerged from the workshop was reconciliation of a battle within and of our masculine and feminine sides.

Doris emphasized this idea when she recited a poem that she had written earlier in the day with her left hand to access a different part of her brain than usual.

“Please help me to get out of the way!,” it said at the top of her notebook. “ Pleasure & pain/ 2 sides of one coin/ NOT!/ Spin the coin faster & faster until it melts/ That is how the opposites are reconciled.

Eisenstein led an exercise that required the audience to partner up. While placing their hands on the shoulder of the person in front of them, some with strangers, others with friends, each person had two minutes to identify the gifts they see in the other person.

Summitites participate in an interactive spiritual workshop. Photo by Rachael Roth

“Our group is going to look at things a lot differently,” remarked Berry as the Summit broke for lunch.


–Rachael Roth