2014 Summit speakers and artists

2014 Summit speakers and artists

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Andrew AveryAndrewAvery

Andrew Avery is a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA degree in Dance and Philosophy. He danced professionally in New York City from 2006 to 2012 and is a trained Shiatsu and Reiki practitioner. He grew weary of city life and moved to Blue Cliff Monastery to become a monastic in the Plum Village Buddhist tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Inspired by his experience at the monastery but unsure about his monastic aspirations, he began the arduous task of looking for an intentional community that would nourish his deep intention to cultivate love and understanding in the world. He discovered MorningSun in Alstead NH, a lay community in the same Buddhist tradition working toward sustainable, mindful living and joyful togetherness and has been living there since his arrival in October 2013.


BillBaueBill Baue

Corporate Sustainability Architect

As an internationally recognized expert on Sustainability Context, Online Stakeholder Engagement, and Sustainability Communications, Bill Baue designs systemic transformation. He’s co-founder of a number of companies and initiatives: Sustainability Context Group, a global community of thought leaders and practitioners who advocate for Context-Based Sustainability; Convetit, an online stakeholder engagement platform; ContextReporting, a corporate sustainability data visualization/benchmarking tool; and Sea Change Radio, a globally syndicated podcast on sustainability.

Baue works with organizations across the sustainability ecosystem, including AccountAbility, Audubon, Cabot, Ceres, Climate Counts, Center for Sustainable Organizations, GE, Global Compact, Global Reporting Initiative, Harvard, ICCR, United Nations, Walmart, and Worldwatch Institute. He teaches in the Marlboro Sustainability MBA, and serves on the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Advisory Council.

He blogs for Guardian Sustainable Business and Sustainable Brands, where he also curates the #NewMetrics Channel. He was named on the Guardian Top 15 Thought Leaders in Sustainable Business and TriplePundit Top 30 Sustainability Bloggers on Twitter lists for his tweeting. He lives in a cohousing community in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts with his wife Jiyanna and daughters Clara, Emma, and Aoife.

MikeBellamenteMike Bellamente

Executive Director, Climate Counts

Mike Bellamente is the executive director of Climate Counts, a national nonprofit aimed at bringing consumers and corporations together to address climate change.  Prior to joining the organization, Bellamente served as primary environmental liaison for the NADO Research Foundation in Washington DC.  Following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, he was named to the White House-led economic solutions team to conduct impact analyses for oil-impacted communities.

Bellamente has written extensively on the role of the private sector in addressing climate change.  His work has appeared in Huffington Post, The Guardian, CR Magazine and GreenBiz.com.  In 2012, Bellamente was named to Ethisphere’s list of 100 most influential people in business ethics.  He holds an MBA in International Business from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  Bellamente graduated magna cum laude with a BS in marketing from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.


Cathy Berry

Managing director, Baldwin Investment Management, LLC

Cathy is one of the founders of Slow Money, focusing on investment in agriculture and local; slowing money down to the speed of nature! She is also one of the founders of BALLE; focusing on creating vibrant local business communities across the country. One of the founding Managing Directors of Baldwin Investment Management, lead investor in Vermont Smoke and Cure here in Vermont, and participant in other mission based companies in the US. She is an active participant in The Sandy River Charitable Foundation, which focuses its grant making locally to family members and partners with other NGOs to work internationally, helping people help themselves. Her family grew up in rural New England and much of the grant making and mission related investments focuses on rural America. Here in Vermont, she is a volunteer consultant to the Strolling of the Heifers Organization and Co-Chair of Two Rivers.

She has spent much of the last 20 years exploring and promoting local investing, resiliency in communities, and living more consciously. In the process she has come to the realization that our culture is focused on extraction and spending instead of giving and conserving. As we recognize that we are only one of many species here on Earth, perhaps we should strive to recognize that all forms of life are important and that there is a balance that we are just beginning to understand.


Nate Berry

Sandy River Charitable Foundation

Nathanael Berry spent most of his formative years in rural New England and upstate New York – a significant portion in Maine’s Western Mountains. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1985 with a degree in Computer Engineering, and worked for a computer company in Massachusetts until moving to Long Island in 1989. There, he worked in the computer communication and control system sectors prior to becoming Program Director and Chief Operating Officer for The Sandy River Charitable Foundation in 1997. Responsibilities for the Foundation include grant making, program related investments, and mission related investing.

IngridBredenbergIngrid Bredenberg

Strategic coach and creativity expert, Bredenberg Associates

Ingrid Bredenberg is known for her fresh approaches to creativity and collaboration. She has worked with hundreds of local and international leadership teams, guiding them in envisioning, planning and implementing systems for sustainable futures. As a certified Holacracy™ Practitioner, she introduces clients to integrated decision-making and evolutionary governance practices for purpose-driven organizations. She facilitates large-scale community conversations using Open Space Technology, World Café and Appreciative Inquiry. She is on the faculty of several regional leadership programs and Marlboro’s Graduate Studies Program, where she teaches Leadership and Management in the Health Care Administration department. An avid gardener and dancer, Ingrid also facilitates workshops on building and using labyrinths for self-discovery, problem-solving and contemplation. She will be facilitating the creation of a Peace Labyrinth at the Slow Living Summit.

EshuBumpusEshu Bumpus

Storyteller, Folktales.net

Eshu Bumpus captivates his audience by telling a variety of African, African-American and World folktales leavened with music, humor and mystery. Eshu is a renowned storyteller, an accomplished jazz vocalist and a master at physical characterization. He has performed on the Exchange Place stage at the National Festival (1998), and performed 36 sold out shows in 13 days at the Smithsonian (1997).

Eshu Bumpus’ love for working with children began when he was just a child himself. At the age of 12, he began tutoring young children in math, nurturing their understanding and encouraging learning. In 1976, while a student at Hampshire College, he began teaching at an alternative elementary school housed at the Universirty of Massachusetts. He would write stories based on the children’s history assignments that they would then perform as plays. It was then that he realized working with children and the arts would be his calling.

In 1980, together with a group of parents and educatiors , he began an after-school program in Amherst which served four of the town’s five elementary schools. This program which emphasized the arts and world cultures, grew into a summer program entitled Adventure Playground that is still operating. In 1982, he created and directed a program called Summer Theater Arts (STARTS) which evolved into the program we now know as Capacidad. At the heart of the program were the folktales that the children would select and Eshu would turn into scripts. Throughout that time, he also became know as a storyteller, visiting schools and offering writing workshops and drama residencies throughout the area. To date, this multitalented artist has presented programs in 18 different states across America.

Among his other interests are coaching chess and working with incarcerated young people and computers. His work with juvenile offenders in Maryland led to a pilot program in which young people learned to build computers.

LarkenBunceLarken Bunce

Co-director, Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism

Larken Bunce is a clinical herbalist, educator, writer, photographer and gardener. She co-founded and co-directs Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, a non-profit organization providing intensive herbalist training opportunities and community education, as well as sliding-scale clinical services and herbal products to Central Vermont and beyond. She served until recently as faculty in Goddard College’s Health Arts and Sciences program, and remains deeply interested in education as necessarily life-long and transformative. She continues to guest lecture in the graduate nursing program at the University of Vermont, and travels nationally as a conference presenter and guest teacher for clinical programs.

Larken holds a Master of Science in Herbal Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health. Her teaching and clinical work incorporate wisdom from Western herbal medicine, classical Chinese medicine, whole-food nutrition theory, mind-body medicine and social justice advocacy. Larken is passionate about training heart-centered clinicians, bridging traditional health systems with biomedical sciences, and restoring Nature to culture through herbal medicine. Her idea of good medicine is an afternoon spent in a field with a harvest basket, a blue sky, and the sun on her face. Larken believes that the heart of healing work lies in reminding us all that we belong to each other and to the land.

EdgarCahnEdgar Cahn

Founder, Time Banks USA

Edgar S. Cahn is the founder of Time Banks USA and Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of the District of Columbia School of Law. Edgar Cahn is regarded as a founder of poverty law and a pioneer in creating clinical legal education. He is founder/co-founder of several programs, including the National Legal Services program as part of the War on Poverty, the Antioch School of Law (now the UDC School of Law); TimeBanks USA; the Time Dollar Youth Court; and CareBanks.

Cahn created Time Dollars, the only tax-exempt local currency now spread to 40 states and 32 nations. He has designed and launched TimeBanking pilots that have effectively addressed virtually every major social problem. His system, Co-Production, calling for the transformation of clients from passive consumers to active co-producers of outcomes, is emerging as the leading framework for system change. In 2008, he was chosen as an Ashoka Fellow to pioneer an adaptation of TimeBanking that would enable older adults and their families to pay for a form of long term care insurance with Time Dollars earned helping others. Montpelier, Vermont, just received a $1 million grant to pilot Carebanks for older adults in rural Vermont. In 2008, he also partnered with Phelps Stokes, the National Legal Aid and Defender Association and former inmates to develop the Homecomers’ Academy, a new vision of reentry that would enable those returning home to define themselves as community builders on a journey of service and learning.

In 2008, his new Racial Justice Initiative has unveiled a breakthrough legal theory with potential to dismantle structural racism in juvenile justice and child welfare.


Dave Cohen

Dave Cohen (www.davecohencounseling.com), is a psychotherapist and an ecopsychologist in Brattleboro, VT, blending body-oriented and mindfulness therapies with approaches that draw on the healing potential of the natural world.  As founder of Pedal Express, a nationally-recognized cargobike delivery service in Berkeley, CA, Dave continues to ride and promote bikes for everyday use in Vermont. He and his family are sighted nearly daily in the Brattleboro area on their bright orange e-cargobike. He is currently writing a book titled The Big Blindspot: Our Cars, Our Brains in an Age of Climate Change.


Jed Davis

Director of Sustainability, Cabot Creamery Co-operative

Jed Davis is Director of Sustainability for Cabot Creamery Cooperative. His focus is on helping Cabot to achieve its sustainability pledge – “Living within our means and ensuring the means to live” – from cow-to-creamery-to-customer. He represents Cabot on a number of state and national sustainability efforts and is a Dana Meadows Leadership Program fellow. Jed, his wife Elizabeth, and their small “herd” of four children live in Waterbury, Vermont. Cabot Creamery is owned by the dairy farm families of the Agri-Mark cooperative, and is proud to be a certified B Corporation.

Rachel DuttonRachel_Dutton_MG_2740

Rachel Dutton is the Sustainability Manager with University of Massachusetts Amherst Auxiliary Enterprises, where she coordinates programs focused on waste reduction, sustainable sourcing, educating students, and instilling a culture of sustainability within the campus community. Under her direction, UMass Auxiliary has developed one of the most forward-thinking sustainability programs in the country, serving as a model for sustainability, health, and wellness for campuses nationwide.

SamanthaEagle1Samantha Eagle

Dr. Samantha K. Eagle earned her BA from the University of Vermont and later received her Naturopathic Medical Doctorate and Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Summers spent organic farming and working with master herbalists, fostered a passion for natural health. Her experience in teaching undergraduate biology inspired her interest in patient and clinician education.

Licensed as a primary care physician, Dr. Eagle is the founder and medical director of Biologic Integrative Healthcare, LLC and the Biologic Wellness Center (BWC) in Brattleboro. Within her multidisciplinary group, Dr. Eagle specializes in Lifestyle and Functional Medicine. During the past two years, Dr. Eagle has spoken at numerous conferences across the country, informing professional audiences about Lifestyle Medicine, which applies well-documented environmental, social and psychological principles to modify patients’ nutrition, activity and stress level. The goal is to reduce the need for conventional medical, surgical and pharmacological intervention.

CharlesEisenstein 325x390
Charles Eisenstein

Charles is a speaker and writer whose books are The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is PossibleThe Ascent of Humanity, Sacred Economics, and The Yoga of Eating. He blogs for The Guardian and speaks widely. Charles says that his main interest now is in exploring the boundaries of what is “possible” according to our received beliefs, received habits, received technologies, and received ways of knowing. “For humanity to take that Next Step, we are going to have to violate what is politically practical, socially practical, and even technologically practical. The same holds on the personal and relational level. I have caught glimpses of the impossible in all these realms and I am excited about what lies ahead.”

EugeneFriesenEugene Friesen

Eugen Friesen is a world-renowned cellist known for his ground-breaking improvisational work and long-time work with the Paul Winter Consort.

Friesen is a graduate of the Yale School of Music. He has been a member of the Paul Winter Consort since 1978, and performs with Howard Levy and Glen Velez as Trio Globo. He received has received four Grammy Awards as a member of the Paul Winter Consort for the 1994 album Spanish Angel, in 2006 for the Consort’s Silver Solstice in 2007 for “Crestone,” and in 2011 for “Miho: Journey to the Mountain.” Friesen has broken new ground for the cello, using it in a wide variety of non-classical settings and creating new techniques to expand its role as a solo and accompanying instrument. He has also performed thousands of concerts for young audiences on cello and electric cello as “Celloman.” He is a Professor at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts and lives in Vermont. Friesen also runs a nonprofit production company, Sonoterra Productions, producing concerts, recordings and workshops. Friesen’s book, co-authored by Wendy Friesen, Improvisation for Classical Musicians: Strategies for Creativity and Expression, was released in 2012 by Berklee Press.


Kyle Garner

CEO, New Chapter

Kyle joined New Chapter as CEO in June 2012. New Chapter was the first supplement brand to achieve full line non-GMO project verification and has long been an advocate for the advancement of both the organic and non-GMO movements.  New Chapter’s commitment to giving back to employees, the community, and the environment was recognized when the company was certified as a B Corp in February of 2014.

Kyle lives in the Brattleboro, VT area with his wife (Maggie), 4 year old son (Oscar), and dog (Belle). In his spare time, he enjoys gardening, golf, and making pickles.

Cary Gaunt

Sustainability and spirituality teacher, retreat leader, and consultant, Brattleboro VT

Cary Gaunt, Ph.D. focuses her leadership, management, and academic lens on supporting the cultivation of sustainable and thriving people and places. For more than 22 years she led sustainability and watershed management initiatives as a consultant to governmental and non-governmental organizations under the auspices of JRB Associates/Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). She left her management role at SAIC in early 2000 and switched to a consulting status so she could pursue her Ph.D. and focus on the leadership and human behavior dimensions of sustainability. Cary’s government sustainability and watershed consulting work remains core for her even as she broadens her leadership and technical expertise to other arenas such as higher education, where she is currently facilitating the Higher Education Working Group of Boston’s Green Ribbon Commission. Cary tries to practice what she researches and teaches. She engages in many nature-based contemplative practices; volunteers as a wilderness rites of passage guide, outdoor educator, meditation facilitator; and supports community environmental committees and local interfaith ecological efforts. Cary supplements her academic sustainability and leadership training with nature-based approaches and has trained as a guide/group facilitator with the Animas Valley Institute, School of Lost Borders, Contemplative Outreach, and CDR (Collaborative Decision Resources) Associates. She inhabits the eastern foothills of Southern Vermont’s Green Mountains where she is slowly renovating an older house to be a carbon-neutral and net-zero energy home.

Vern GrubingerVern Grubinger

Vern Grubinger has been working with and learning from farmers for 30 years. He is the vegetable and berry specialist and Extension Professor with the University of Vermont, and coordinator of USDA’s Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program (SARE), which awards $4 million annually in grants to researchers, educators and farmers across the 12 Northeast states. He helps lead the eXtension Farm Energy community of practice, serves on the Town of Dummerston Farmland Protection committee, and has been on the boards of the Vermont Land Trust, Brattleboro Food Coop, Windham County Farm Bureau and Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group. He writes monthly columns for Farming magazine, airs occasional commentaries on Vermont Public Radio, and consults individually with hundreds of farmers each year. His degrees in agriculture are from Cornell and UMass Amherst. He authored the books ‘Sustainable Vegetable Production from Start Up to Market’ and ‘With an Ear to the Ground: Essays on Sustainable Agriculture’. A new book, ‘Farms, Food and Communities: Exploring Food Systems’ that he authored with Lisa Chase will be published in December 2014.

GwenHallsmithGwen Hallsmith

Gwendolyn Hallsmith, the former Director of Planning and Community Development for the City of Montpelier, is also the founder of Global  Community Initiatives and author of four books: The Key to Sustainable  Cities; Taking Action for Sustainability: the EarthCAT Guide to  Community Development; LASER: Local Action for Sustainable  Economic Renewal and a new book with Bernard Lietaer called Creating  Wealth: Growing Local Economies with Local Currencies about how cities  can use currency strategies to achieve their sustainability goals.

Gwendolyn has over 25 years of experience working with municipal,  regional, and state government in the United States and internationally. She  has served as the Town Manager of Randolph, Vermont, the Regional  Planning Director in Franklin County, MA, a Senior Planner for the  Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy Resources, the Deputy Secretary  of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.

Her international experience included work with the United Nations  Environment Program, the United Nations Development Program, the  Institute for Sustainable Communities, the International City/County  Management Association, and Earth Charter International. She has a  Master’s degree in Public Policy from Brown University and studied  theology at the Andover Newton Theological School, exploring the links  between our wisdom traditions, spirituality, and work on the community  level.

Lori HanauLori Hanau

Lori Hanau is a strategy and leadership advisor, human centered designer and facilitator.

Lori Hanau grew up in New England in an entrepreneurial family that taught her the value of self-reflection and caring in fostering leadership and healthy, collaborative relationships. She draws on these essential qualities in her work as an advisor, human centered designer and facilitator.

Lori’s early career in business, including a presidency of a manufacturing company, offered opportunities to observe and engage with diverse leadership styles and organizational structures. During this time, she began to differentiate between the qualities and behaviors that support the vibrancy of organizations and their social ecosystems and the qualities and behaviors that lead to dysfunction.

In a two year break from the corporate world, Lori pursued the study of these qualities through an exploration of the service sectors of society, including health, science, philanthropy, spirituality and mission-driven business. Here, she found herself among innovators who were working in all aspects of whole systems change. In 2002, Lori founded Global Round Table Leadership (GRTL) whose mission is to build the personal and shared leadership capacities required to foster thriving environments. GRTL envisions a world in which individuals, groups and organizations come together through the greatness of our humanity and diversity.

To this end, GRTL engages people across all sectors in leadership, collaborative and cultural development. Lori works with people and teams who care to cultivate flourishing relationships for high performance. Lori is a community builder and faculty member within Marlboro College Graduate School’s MBA program “Managing for Sustainability.”

She is also honored to serve as an advisor to the End of Life Project, and be part of the Advisory Boards for the Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance and the Of Many Institute at the NYU Center for MultiFaith Leadership. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Social Venture Network. Lori is the co-founder of the Mindfulness Practice Center in Keene, NH. Lori resides in Keene, New Hampshire and Brooklyn, New York.

IsabelHansenIsabel Hansen

Isabel is a rising junior at Williams College where she is pursuing a major in Anthropology with a concentration in Public Health. At school she co-leads the Sustainable Agriculture subgroup of Kinetic, a student-run think tank. The past two summers she interned with small food producers Amagansett Sea Salt on Long Island and Square Roots Farm in Lanesborough, MA. Isabel is interested in how we can use education to tackle the problems in our current food system.

Llindel_hart 300 dpiindel Hart

Owner/director of Hart Yoga

Lindel Hart is the owner/director of Hart Yoga in Shelburne Falls, MA, and the yoga instructor at Deerfield Academy. Old Deerfield Productions has commissioned him to write and perform in a new adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which will have its world premiere in July 2014.

As a yoga instructor, Lindel works in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar. Through his focused sequences of poses and individualized instruction, he conveys his knowledge and experience of yoga to beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Lindel infuses his teaching with compassion, joy, enthusiasm, and humor, emphasizing anatomical integrity and a constant dialogue between mind and body. Through the practice of yoga he encourages students to explore and deepen their connection to themselves and to whatever they regard as divine.

Lindel likens yoga to a river: every person steps into the water at a unique place, joining the flow with a distinctly individual perspective. In this sense the journey has no beginning and no end, only an expanding and deepening awareness of the movement of life.

He has studied extensively with Carrie Owerko (Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York) and Marilyn Hart (Green River Yoga and Movement Arts, Greenfield, MA), and completed his teacher training with Eileen Muir (Karuna Center for Yoga and Healing Arts, Northampton, MA). He has also studied with Rodney Yee.

Lindel formerly taught in New York City and has taught classes and conducted workshops at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, the Martha’s Vineyard Yoga Festival, the Nantucket Yoga Festival, Karuna Center for Yoga and Healing Arts, Green River Yoga and Movement Arts and BYS Yoga (Pittsburgh, PA). He has taught at Northfield Mount Hermon and currently teaches yoga at Deerfield Academy. Lindel is available for private instruction.

Lindel lives in Greenfield with his husband Rod and their 8-year-old son. And completely unrelated to yoga, Lindel and his family have appeared twice on The Real Housewives of New York City.

BBethHookereth Hooker

Beth Hooker is the Director of Food, Farm and Sustainability at Hampshire College.  Dr. Hooker received a B.S. in chemistry and a B.A. in Asian studies from Connecticut College. She completed an M.S. in soil science, and a Ph.D. in ecology at the University of Connecticut. At Hampshire College, Beth manages initiatives related to campus and curricular sustainability, as well as the Hampshire Farm which includes a 15-acre vegetable operation and a 65-acre pasture/animal/hay operation.

Bonnie Hudspeth photo

Bonnie Hudspeth

Membership & outreach coordinator, Neighboring Food Co-op Association

Bonnie Hudspeth is Outreach Coordinator for the  Neighboring Food Co-op Association  (NFCA), a co-operative of 30 food co-ops and start-up initiatives with a combined membership of more than 90,000 people across Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Together, the co-ops of the NFCA are working toward a vision of a thriving regional economy, rooted in a healthy, just and sustainable food system and collaboration among co-ops.  Prior to joining the association, Bonnie served as Project Manager for the Monadnock Community Market Co-op, a start-up co-op that opened in Keene, NH at the end of the 2012.

kristina israelKristina Israel

Kristina Israel always wanted to work at a food co-op because, as she put it, “that’s where they keep the best food.” She got her chance in 2006 when she moved to Putney and was hired at the Putney Food Co-op. She’s been there ever since, and is in currently in charge of marketing and outreach for the much-loved little store.
Kristina was the founding manager for the Putney Farmers’ Market, and worked with the owners of The Gleanery to promote the restaurant in its start-up phase. She serves on the board of Discover Putney, and is a volunteer at the Putney Food Shelf. For her, food is the common thread that knits her community together. She lives in Putney with her husband of 10 years and their son, who just turned 5.


Terry Jenoure

A visual artist, musician, writer, and educator, Terry Jenoure was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. She has exhibited in the U.S., West Africa, and Europe, and as a violinist and vocalist has performed and taught in various capacities worldwide. She earned her Master’s and Doctoral degrees from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where she is also the Director of Augusta Savage Gallery.

Terry is on the graduate faculty at Lesley University, has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New England Foundation for the Arts, and has been a consultant for the Lila Wallace Reader’s Digest Fund, the Ford Foundation, and the Connecticut Commission for Arts and Tourism. She has collaborated with the Summit’s artistic director, Linda McInerney, on the Old Deerfield production My Bronx.


Amy Johnquest

Also known as the BannerQueen, Amy Johnquest has created commissioned art work worldwide for folks and notables such as; Bruce Springsteen, Disney Magazine, Applegate Farms and others. She has been involved locally with many art based projects including creating the scenic art for Truth, the folk opera about Sojourner Truth; site specific installations for MIFA’s Victory Theatre, as well as the Paper City Studios themed exhibitions, and Open Square’s Arts of the Valley in Holyoke. Selected exhibitions (from 2011 to present) include Art of the Side Show, at Dunedin Fine Arts Center, Dunedin, FL.; X Marks The Spot, an outdoor installation in collaboration with Sally Curcio and Anne LaPrade Sueth at DUMBO Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY; Ride The Big One, at the Wisteriahurst Museum Gallery in Holyoke, MA; Fun Spot, a site specific installation at The Eagle Hill Cultural Center in Hardwick, MA. A resident of the Flats in Holyoke she is also is the director of the Taber Art Gallery at Holyoke Community College.

“I’ve had a lifelong convoluted relationship with advertising. I grew up listening to my father’s experiences as chief copy writer in a large ad agency. Later, with a fine art degree in hand, I went on to support myself as a sign painter and then graphic designer for newspapers. Despite years of resistance, these experiences came to find their way into my art. At the tender age of forty, having painted my first sideshow theme art piece (Half Man, Half Beast Accordion Player) I was struck with a powerful and undeniable sense of finally finding my way home. In the tradition of sideshow performers, I proclaimed a monicker and on March 4th, 1998 BannerQueen was born.

“My paintings are directly influenced by the old circus sideshow banners. Like today’s billboards, product displays, and packaging, the old banners used garish depictions and verbiage to woo and seduce you into parting with cash to enter the tent. Usually these flashy promotions promised more than what the reality behind the canvas delivered. Using pop cultural references with text and imagery, I create advertisements that do not sell anything and enjoy playing with the double entendres and curiosities in the language of signage. These paintings are a balancing act of heartfelt sincerity and tongue in cheekiness. In the end my images translate in any number of directions; political, evolutionary twists, loving tributes, weird science, and/or good old comic relief.”

Seamus Maynard

Guitarist, Quiet In The Head


Linda Mcinerney

Linda McInerney is a graduate of Middlebury College with a double major in Theater and French, and a student at the National Shakespeare Company Conservatory and also with Mira Rostova, Ms. McInerney has been a member of Actors Equity since 1983. She has worked for over twenty years as an actor, singer, director, and producer in New York and throughout New England, with credits including Circle Repertory Company and ABC’s All My Children.

She earned an MFA in Directing from UMass and is Artistic Director of Old Deerfield Productions, where her credits include The Glass Menagerie, The Belle of Amherst, Blithe Spirit, Sealskin, John Brown’s Body, Women of the Valley, Roshomon, The Miser, Pride’s Crossing, Plainsong, Molly Sweeney, She Stoops to Conquer, Waiting for Godot, The Cure at Troy by Seamus Heaney, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, and The Importance of Being Earnest. Ms. McInerney has also taught theater at Deerfield Academy, Deerfield Elementary School, Eaglebrook School, and UMass. She remounted the new opera that she created with Harley Erdman and Paula M. Kimper, The Captivation of Eunice Williams, that was performed at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in 2006. She co-created and directed and produced the original musical, Women in Arms, with libretto by Mary Elizabeth Burke Kennedy and music by Rosemary Caine that was presented at the Academy of Music in Northampton. She directed a new opera based on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by Eric Sawyer called Our American Cousin that received a staged reading and recording in 2007 at Amherst College. More recently, Old Deerfield has presented Truth, a new folk opera about Sojourner Truth, the ex-slave, fiery abolitionist and women’s rights pioneer, and My Bronx, featuring Terry Jenoure. In the works is a brand new adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein written and performed by Summit participating artist Lindel Hart as the Creature. McInerney lives in Deerfield with her husband, Chris.



Rob Michalak

Global Director of Social Mission, Ben & Jerry’s

Rob is the lead advocate at Ben & Jerry’s to keep Ben & Jerry’s Social Mission in balance with the company’s Product Mission and Economic Mission.  Ben & Jerry’s Social Mission looks to achieve innovative ways that the business can use its many resources to create positive social change in the world and make progress on the company’s sustainable corporate concept of “linked prosperity,” which is the ambition that as the company prospers, its stakeholders prosper too.

Rob has been with Ben & Jerry’s twice.  His first role at the company was as its PR Czar from 1989-1998.  He came back to the company to serve as its Social Mission Director starting in 2006.  Before that, and in between his Ben & Jerry’s days, Rob worked in broadcast media holding a variety of jobs in news, public affairs and independent productions.


Orly Munzing

Founder and executive director, Strolling of the Heifers

Orly is the founder and executive director of Strolling of the Heifers. Drawing on her 20-year background as an educational consultant, she gathered a group of volunteers in 2001 to help focus attention on the difficulties of small family farms in the Brattleboro region.

In 2002, they organized the first annual Strolling of the Heifers, a parade and festival celebrating farmers and aiming to connect people with healthy local food. With the growth in the local foods movement since then, “the Stroll” has expanded to a full weekend which is annually rated one of Vermont’s Top Ten Summer Events (and in 2013 was rated one of America’s Top 10 Summer Festivals).

Under Orly’s leadership, over the years Strolling of the Heifers launched educational programs, a microloan fund, and farm internship program for youth, which are now all carried on by other organizations.  In 2011, the Slow Living Summitwas added, immediately preceding Stroll Weekend. Strolling of the Heifers also currently organizes the Vermont Farm/Food Business Plan Competition in collaboration with Vermont Technical College.


Willow Nilsen

Teacher and program director in alternative schools and outdoor education settings since 2001. She is a trained yoga teacher and has practiced meditation and yoga for ten years. Willow brings mindfulness practices to her teaching and staff training programs. She designed and built her home with the help of family and friends, is the mother of a teenage daughter, and is passionate about families, farms, forests, and food. 


Martin Ping

Martin Ping is executive director of the Hawthorne Valley Association in Ghent, NY, an organization aimed at promoting the integration of society and culture with education and arts.

Martin has been at Hawthorne Valley for more than 20 years. He taught practical arts in the High School, served as Director of Facilities for 14 years, and managed several multi-million dollar construction projects. For the past eight years as Executive Director, Martin has balanced his time developing the synergies amongst the Association’s diverse enterprises and the 150 co-workers who carry those initiatives while cultivating collaborative relationships between Hawthorne Valley and other organizations in the Upper Hudson Valley/Berkshire region as well as like-minded initiatives nationally and globally. He is co-founder and storyteller for The Magical Puppet Tree Theater, a founding member of the Slow Money Alliance, and has served on the boards of several not-for-profit organizations, including the advisory board of Slow Money, the Center for Environmental Policy National Advisory Board at Bard College,  Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York, and  the advisory board for Ethical Markets.

StephanieRearickStephanie Rearick

Director, Dane County TimeBank, Madison, Wisconsin

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Stephanie Rearick is founder and co-director of the Dane County TimeBank and Project Coordinator of Time For the World. In addition to her work in timebanking and promoting ground-up economic and community regeneration, Rearick is co-owner of Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse. Rearick worked for Greenpeace for six years of young adulthood, helped launch Madison Hours local currency in 1995 and served for several years on the steering committee of independent local political party Progressive Dane. Rearick also works as a musician.


Sabine Rhyne

Sabine Rhyne is the Shareholder and Community Relations Manager at the Brattleboro Food Co-op. She participated in preparing and moving the Co-op into a new, “green” building, a progressive downtown project which also houses 24 apartments for the Windham and Windsor Housing Trust.  She enjoys seeing many of the community’s faces in the co-op, which is owned by over 6000 area shareholders.  Prior to her time at the BFC, she worked for regional cooperative natural foods distributor Northeast Cooperatives. She is deeply committed to economic democracy, widespread access to healthy food, and good humor.


Jen Risley


Jen Risley is the Marketing & Membership Manager at the Monadnock Food Co-op, a community-owned store located in Keene, NH. Jen is a founding board member of Monadnock Buy Local and supports the efforts of the emerging Monadnock Time Exchange.  She also works with New Hampshire Farms Network to strengthen connections between farmers and consumers.


Vicki Robin

Vicki Robin is co-author of the perennial best seller, Your Money or Your Life, and author of the new book, Blessing the Hands that Feed Us; What eating closer to home can teach us about food, community and our place on earth. Called the “prophet of consumption downsizers” by the New York Times, Vicki’s radical common sense approach to money, food and life inspires people to think deeply and act with integrity.

She’s a prolific social innovator, having helped launch Sustainable Seattle, Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, New Road Map Foundation, Conversation Cafes, Transition Whidbey… among many other projects. Vicki offers Local Food Labs to institutions and communities that see “local food” as an engine of prosperity, sufficiency and health. She’s an entertaining and inspiring speaker, and has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including Oprah, NPR, NYTimes, WSJ, Utne, People. Her popular TEDx talk is on “Relational Eating.”

DDeb-Rooney-11_27_12ebbie Rooney

VP for Finance & CFO, Vermont Community Fund

Debbie Rooney is the CFO and Vice President for Finance at the Vermont Community Foundation, where she is responsible for the oversight of impact investment program focusing on food and farm, early education, climate control, post-secondary education, affordable housing and job creation. In addition, she oversees the accounting, human resources, and information technology department. Debbie joined the Foundation in 2005 and was previously the Finance Director at the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain in Connecticut for four years. She also worked as the Controller at Open Solutions Inc., a banking software provider, and spent eight years at Price Waterhouse LLP. Debbie has a bachelor’s degree from Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York. She lives in Ferrisburgh Vermont with her husband and three children.

Amy Shapiro

Amy Shapiro is the Business Development Director with the Franklin County Community Development Corporation who helps business owners start and grow, obtain financing and connect to resources.

amit sharma 1

Amit Sharma

Amit has worked for organizations at the highest levels of the corporate, financial, government and development sectors. Throughout his career, he has focused on the intersection of commercial enterprise, public policy (in particular international security) and the capital markets, with a particular view toward the risks that intersect these sectors, and the nature in which individuals and institutions alike “invest” (in economics, energy and civic engagement) to build resilient businesses and communities, and ultimately achieve “wealth.”

Amit’s career has included time at the U.S. Treasury, first at the inception of the Department’s Office for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, and later as a senior advisor and Chief of Staff to the Deputy Secretary. He also worked served as the Chief of Staff and Head of Project Management and Strategy for Mitsubishi UFJ Securities—the broker dealer and investment banking arm of the Bank of Tokyo. Amit has led initiatives and/or held a variety of consulting roles related to international security and risk, financial integrity issues, including anti-corruption and asset recovery associated with kleptocratic States, and international development. He was also a Peace Corps volunteer in Mongolia.

He is currently incubating a potential investment vehicle to facilitate the growth and support of scalable income generative enterprise focused on the global poor, as well as an inter-disciplinary international risk advisory platform. Amit lives with his family in Guilford, Vt.

John Sheldon Wolf Spirit by Jeff Skeirik 550-1John Sheldon

John Sheldon is in his 50th year of playing the guitar, writing songs, and composing music. Performing credits include a stint as lead guitarist for Van Morrison, and songwriter for James Taylor, as well as work on recordings and film scores. John has produced and recorded 12 CD’s of his own songs and instrumentals.

In the past few years, he has been busy with theater projects, including composing music for and performing in “Milosevic at the Hague,” “Ambush on T Street,” “What She Knows,” and “Blind Dreamers.”
John is currently working on and performing “The Red Guitar,” a solo theater piece in which he describes and enacts his life in music.

Suzette Snow-Cobb

Suzette Snow-Cobb

Marketing & Membership Manager, Franklin Community Co-op, Greenfield, MA

Suzette Snow-Cobb is the marketing and membership manager at Franklin Community Co-op (FCC), which has two stores in Western Massachusetts: Green Fields Market in Greenfield and McCusker’s Market in Shelburne Falls. Suzette has been involved with co-ops since the mid 80s, and from 1998 to 2012 served as co-general manager at FCC. In May 2013, she completed her degree of Master of Management: Co-operatives and Credit Unions from Saint Mary’s University, Nova Scotia. The MMCCU program emphasizes cooperation between co-operatives and looks at all aspects of what makes successful co-operative enterprises. Suzette is also a board member of the Neighboring Food Co-op Association and founder and board member of the Valley Co-operative Business Association.

Janice St. Onge

President, VSJF Flexible Capital Fund, L3C, Montpelier, VT

Connor Stedman

Connor Stedman is a wilderness educator, ecological designer, and cultural artist based in the Connecticut River Valley. He is Executive Director of Vermont Wilderness School in Brattleboro.

Jonathan Talbott

Violinist, Quiet In The Head

Jonah Thomas

Cellist, Quiet In The Head

LindaWeilLinda Weil

Linda Weil earned her Masters in Counseling Psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia. Linda has worked as a Group Facilitator, and Education Coordinator for 20 years. She is an environmentalist and an advocate for sustainability with a strong interest in Slow Living, Transition Network, and Time Banking.

EricaWheelerErica Wheeler

Erica Wheeler is a ‘sense of place’ artist, speaker, educator and conservation advocate based in Colrain, MA. Over the past 20 years she has worked with groups and organizations, offering performances, keynotes and and workshops across the country, from Yosemite National Park to Walden Pond. She combines her career as an award-winning singer/songwriter with her lifelong interest in nature, history, culture and a sense of place. Her work has been featured in national publications such as Yes!, Orion and Yankee magazines. With 6 CD’s to her credit, she’s been interviewed on syndicated radio programs such as “All Things Considered” and “Voice of America.” Her songs have charted in the top-ten on Billboard’s “Gavin American Chart.” Her most recent CD “Good Summer Rain” was sponsored in part by the Trust for Public Land, a national land conservation organization.