Students — here’s an opportunity to:

      • Help out at the Summit for 6-8 hours
      • Attend the rest of the Summit, meals included, at no cost
      • Meet Summit speakers who are leaders in your field of study

The 3rd annual Slow Living Summit takes place in downtown Brattleboro June 5-7. The Summit is a conference focused on sustainable living and resilient communities — along with the inner transformations necessary for both. It attracts experts and concerned citizens from many disciplines and sectors: food/agriculture, energy, entrepreneurship, finance, economics, government, non-profits, the Transition movement, art/design, transportation, spirituality, psychology and more. The resulting cross-disciplinary conversations are what makes the Summit a special kind of gathering (along with the fact that it’s held in a lively downtown setting, not in the sterile confines of a hotel/conference center!).

We are seeking Summit Sherpas — student volunteers — to assist with all aspects of the Summit during the event. Students who volunteer 6 to 8 hours of time will receive full stipends to attend remainder of the conference, meals and receptions included, at no cost. We are looking for help with the following:

  • Staffing the registration desk during all Summit hours
  • Room setup and monitoring of sessions, including tech assistance as needed
  • Setup and monitoring of lunch/exhibit area
  • Blogging/reporting on Summit sessions for our website
  • General logistical help

If you can help, please contact Martin Langeveld, Summit Coordinator — contact information:

Martin C. Langeveld
SLOW LIVING SUMMIT | coordinator & marketing director
Office/Cell: 802-380-0226