Localism at Amy's Cafe, downtown Brattleboro

We asked Slow Living Summit volunteer Ally King to check out Brattleboro’s downtown restaurants and then assign some of them as topical “birds-of-a-feather” meeting places.  These are opportunities for informal, ad-hoc, topical “meet-up” spaces in downtown Brattleboro.  “I choose places based on opening hours, appearance, price range and proximity to the summit,” King says. “I split up lunchtime and dinner time places because of opening hours, and had to overlap some themes.”

Lunchtime Meeting Places (themes in parentheses):
 Dinner Meeting Places:
 Directions from the Latchis on Main Street:
  • To Canal St: take a right out of the Latchis Theater.  The Coop is across the bridge to your right.  Canal street is the street to your right after that.
  • To Flat St: take a left out of the Latchis and Flat is the first street on the left.
  • To High St: High st is also on the left off of Main St from the Latchis, but it is two blocks from Flat St (Elliot St is the left in between
  • To the Marina Restaurant: http://www.vermontmarina.com/contact-us–directions.html