Join in an exploration into how our mobility choices influence our human perceptions and worldviews and ultimately our communities and our environment. Taking a deep dive into the dynamics of our bodies and our essential human capacities to sense and interact with the ecological and social places we inhabit, we’ll explore the often overlooked magic of what happens when we are in the act of transportation and the ways that we ourselves are potentially transformed by it.

Additionally, we’ll consider how the automobile has subverted a multitude of our embodied human connections to the world and has perhaps radically undermined our ability to authentically respond to climate change. Calling on material from legends, literature, cinema, neuropsychology, philosophy and other sources, we’ll attempt to uncover a general theory of what it means for us to move on this Earth. We’ll also consider practices we might bring forward into our daily lives and our communities to bring a a greater sense of depth and meaning to our everyday mobility. With Dave Cohen.