Help spread the word about SLS2012

A large volunteer program committee has worked for more than six months to craft the program we’re all part of.  And we’re excited about the way we’ve pulled together critical themes that aren’t always considered together as we work for a more just and sustainable world – things like food, agriculture, land-use, investing, living, health, spirit, mind, economics, education, ownership, management and policy.

Now we’d like to ask your help in advising your personal networks about SLS2012 before the current early-bird registration rates end on April 30 and we go to full price.  You can do this simply by sending an email or social-networking message which links here:

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Want to be part of a national convening of cross-sector intelligence, ideas and action for sustainable living? Please join us in Brattleboro, Vt., May 30-June 1, 2012. Engaged citizens, entrepreneurs, journalists, students, civic, foundation and non-profit leaders will gather to invent and implement cross-sector solutions for sustainable communities in a post-carbon, new-economy world.  We’ll explore common interests and common solutions for the common good.  The second-annual U.S. Slow Living Summit is co-organized by two graduate schools in management and international development. It boasts at least 50 sessions on topics like food, agriculture, spirit, happiness, investing, energy, health, education, management, policy, technology, entrepreneurship, communities, media and sustainability — plus theater, video and music. For more information click to:  or or