Panel: Food Justice and Climate Justice

Food justice asks the questions: where does injustice live in our food system and what would a just food system look like? Climate justice asks the questions: who is responsible for climate change and who will bear the brunt of the effects of climate change? Food and climate justice bring our attention to ways in which we can work to create more equity and fairness for those left on the fringes of the local food movement. In this panel, we will share three approaches to food justice and how they create more resilience in the face of climate instability.

Tatiana Abatemarco will speak about the community engaged food studies program at Bennington College, which has a goal of addressing food insecurity in Bennington County. Migrant Justice will share their work to ensure human rights for migrant workers on Vermont farms. Conor Floyd of Food Connects will share their work with Food Connects to create a Farm to School program to increase fresh food access and food education to children in Windham County. Together, they will consider their vision of a food and climate just future where everyone has food access and human rights.

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Tatiana Abatemarco