MUST SEES: Books, Wed., 3 p.m. Vt. debut for “Degrowth” documentary, “Invasive Species” live theater, special Ackerman talk

MUST SEES:  Books, Wed., 3 p.m. Vt. debut for “Degrowth” documentary, “Invasive Species” live theater, special Ackerman talk

One third of SLS-related books

To all participants in the Slow Living Summit:

You’re  on your way to Brattleboro!

There are some exciting last-minute additions to the program we want you to know about, and also two important reminders:

  •  If you are a session presenter and you have slides, or need video or audio help, please email with you requests, or mention them when you check and get your name badge.
  • A reminder to all session HOSTS/MODERATORS – Please don’t fail to provide at least a brief introduction of fellow session participants, especially in sessions being video or audio recorded.
  • Meeting places: Check out Ally King’s assignment of “Birds of a Feather” meeting places in downtown Brattleboro.
  • Everyone’s Books on Elliott Street, one block from the Latchis, has carefully acquired a few copies of dozens of books by Slow Limit Summit authors, including important, just published titles by Kate Gustafson (June 4) and Marjorie Kelly (May 15). Be sure to take a walk to Brattleboro’s family-owned local bookstore and take a look. They’ll also be in the Latchis Lobby and at our luncheon venue.
  • In the Sunday email ( you’ll find update weather (hint: Great news!)  and a recap of logistics issues.

Now here’s the new stuff!

3 p.m., WEDNESDAY, Latches Room 3

“Growthbusters: Hooked on Growth” tackles a taboo topic: Is growth un-American?  Get an early start at SLS2012 watching the Vermont premier of a film that The Population Bomb author Dr. Paul Ehrlich declares “could be the most important film ever made.”  Formatted like a Michael Moore documentary – blending satire with important messages – filmmaker David Gardner of Colorado Springs, Colo., runs for local office on a platform of no growth – in one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. The film juxtaposes Gardner’s personal experiences with clips from dozens of interviews with more than 40 environmental and economic thought leaders, including Saleem Ali, Herman Daly, Ehrlich, Robert Engelman, Richard Lamm, Bill McKibben, Chris Martenson, Juliet Schor and Gus Speth. After this shortened, 56-minute director’s cut we’ll meet and question the director — via Skype videoconference.



Thurs., 5:45 p.m.-6:15 p.m.

Many of you know “Good Life” author Sherry Ackerman. Immediately following Thursday’s afternoon’s “Slow Relationships” session in Marlboro Graduate Center 2 North,  Ackerman will join us virtually (from 5:45 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.) for “Sans Stuff: Good Living with Fewer Goods.”

Ackerman is author of the 2010 book The Good Life: How to Create a Sustainable and Fulfilling Lifestyle and a former two-decades central Vermont resident and farmer. Speaking remotely from California via a “Skype” session, Ackerman will facilitate a fast, interactive session and Q&A on what it really means to live a “Good Life.”  She will look at contemporary American values and explore the root of the societal confusion that currently exists between The Good and ‘goods’ (stuff). Asking “how and why it got this way”,  Ackerman takes us back into psycho-history and traces our social progression into Flatland. Then, she offers a blueprint for the way out!



Thurs., 7 p.m. and 8:45 p.m.

We are pleased to partner with the New England Youth Theater and a troupe of Berkshire County actors to bring you “Invasive Species,” the Vermont premier of a one-act play/staged reading.  New species invade a pristine lake in rural New England and create havoc. But who are the real invaders?  Blending humor and political satire, this five-actor, one-hour staged reading-in-costume by Berkshire County playwright and former daily newspaper editor David Scribner raises deep questions about climate change.   Meet the playwright after the late show.



Media Lounge, Marlboro Graduate Center

The Slow Living Summit has many workshops and seminars with little time in between, so we want you to be able to slow down, breathe and digest what is being said.  Transition Brattleboro is facilitating a way to slow down the Summit: the “Listening Space,” in which conference attendees can be listened to deeply and fully. In the Listening Space, SLS2012 participant Jesse de la Rosa says you will find a skilled listener who will hear the exciting ideas, those new or not-yet formed ideas, so they arise and can be expressed.

We look forward to greeting you in Brattleboro!
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