Last-minute information for Slow Living Summit participants, attendees

To all participants in the Slow Living Summit:
Here’s what you need to know about arrival, parking, and registration along with answers to many other logistical questions you may have. If you have additional questions not answered here, please email or call us! A version of this email, with any updates, may be bookmarked and viewed at our website:’re receiving this email because you are a speaker, host, discussion leader, participant, registrant, staff or volunteer for the Slow Living Summit (SLS2012) upcoming this week in Brattleboro. Its purpose to give you important background and logistics information, in bullet-point form, so that your visit to Brattleboro will be stimulating, productive, collaborative- and fun!We will send you one additional short email – on Tuesday night – with any last-minute program updates. Please look for it in your email box on Wednesday morning before you depart for Brattleboro.
One request: if you have not yet responded to our logistics survey (which will help us plan counts for meals, receptions and breakout sessions), please take a moment to complete it now:
Items covered below include:
* Parking/Transportation
* Registration
* Brattleboro & Strolling of the Heifers Weekend
* Print, reading, contact
* Keeping in touch
* Weather
* Food
* What do we want to achieve?
* Wiress access
* How will we collaborate?
* Meetups – Birds-of-a-feather perches
* Open Space and Open Room
* Social-Media Outreach
* Sharing Photos
* Session Reporting – Help?
* Book-Author Sales
* Public Video Stream
* Video/Slide Presentations
* Skype Presentations


Most of us will be driving. We’ve put together a parking page on the Slow Living website with access to a printable map showing municipal parking spaces. Please do not plan to park in the Marlboro Graduate Center (MGC)  lot unless your are handicapped or have two or more people in your car – there aren’t enough spaces.

We recommend use of the municipal parking garage on Flat Street, which allows all-day parking. Payment if via automats on each level that print a ticket to be displayed on your dashboard. (Bring single dollar bills or quarters!) Downtown on-street metered parking is extremely limited, at 75-cents-hour, requiring quarters, with a two-hour limit. At the garage and several other longterm lots, the rate is 50 minutes for 25 cents. Parking is free after 6 p.m.If you are staying at a motel, particularly the Super 8, please check at the registration desk to see if they are making a list of fellow SLS2012 participants willing to car pool.For those who car pool and need unexpectedly to get back to their motel during the day, we expect to have at least one Latchis Theatre Lobby registration desk volunteer able to transport you in such a near-emergency.If you are flying in and need help with transit to/from Brattleboro, please email We may be able to help. If you’re coming (from the south) via the Amtrak Vermonter, it stops in Brattleboro right across the intersection from the Latchis Theatre at 5:10 p.m., so if traveling on Wednesday, you’ll be right where you need to be for the evening plenary.AIRPORT TRANSIT?

Thompson Transportation Services Inc., of Swanzey, N.H. (near Keene) provides flat-rate, scheduled van shuttle service to the Quality Inn in Brattleboro from the Manchester, N.H., Boston and Hartford-Bradley airports. The cost is $59.00. Reservations are required: 800-526-8143 / email:


Registration will be open in the Latchis Theater Lobby, 50 Main St., Brattleboro, VT 05301 – 413-575-6946 — beginning at 2 p.m. on Wednesday. You are welcome to arrive earlier and enjoy downtown Brattleboro.  We will have a name badge and a packet of information for you. Registration will be open throughout Wednesday evening, and again on Thursday and Friday mornings beginning at 7:45 a.m.

Please be sure to arrive in time for our Wednesday evening reception in the Latchis — we’ll have a great selection of hors d’oeuvres and cocktails compliments of our sponsors, Crop Organic Vodka and Farmers Organic Gin.

A frustrating part of gatherings like SLS2012 is finding opportunities to connect with people. Consider taking a little time in the next few days and use these resources, all of which have been formatted for easy viewing or printing. You may make personal, one-time use of the material in the last link for contacting fellow participants as part of the summit.

* A roster of names/affiliations:
* Two-page schedule-at-a-glance:
* A 19-page printable full program:
* Resource links compiled by fellow SLS2012 participants:
* Contact information for fellow participants:

* The last link (participant list) includes email and phone addresses. If you do not wish your phone or email listed, email and we’ll remove it.  The list will go off line one week after the summit.

While you’re here, come and discover the one and only Brattleboro — a small community in southern Vermont — renowned for decades for its commitment to healthy, local, sustainable living and technology, for its vibrant communities of visual and performance artists, craftspeople, poets and writers, and for the diversity of its shops, restaurants and galleries. In turn Brattleboro is a gateway to the Green Mountains and Vermont — a state renowned for innovation in small business, renewable energy, healthy living and progressive government. Brattleboro was recently named one of the 20 Best Small Towns in America, and regularly ranks among the top Small Art Towns in America as well.
As soon as the Summit ends on Friday afternoon with an address by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the festivities of Strolling of the Heifers Weekend begin! Please stay for as much of it as you can!


The email address will be continuously monitored this week and is the best way to reach summit staff and volunteers. For voice contact (in an emergency-only-please) try 617-448-6600413-575-6946802-258-9202 or 802-246-1500and ask for SLS2012 registration.


(UPDATED:  May 30, 1:30 a.m.)  Wednesday is forecast to be sunny and hot (high 81 degrees F) in Brattleboro, with a few clouds — and more sun and seasonal highs of 74 degrees F and 72 degrees F, respectively, on Thursday and Friday.



Strolling of the Heifers Inc. Executive Director Orly Munzing and caterer Tristan Toleno have carefully crafted a delicious continental breakfast, buffet lunches and evening receptions which feature as much as possible local, healthy and organic foods.

Foods on buffet tables will be labeled, especially with regard to special diet needs such as vegetarian, gluten-free and nut-free foods.
See: all want SLS2012 to be more than a get-together and knowledge-sharing exercise. Our goal is that every session end with  the intention of further collaboration and action. We asked all of you to address your aspirations on this point in a pre-gathering online survey. We encourage you to read the comments at the link above, and use the “Comment” feature of the SLS2012 website to add suggestions and further ideas.WIRELESS ACCESS


Limited free wireless Internet will be available in both Latchis and MGC, sponsored by Sovernet, Vermont’s premier web-acccess service provider.  Please respect the “commons” and avoid using the service for bandwidth-heavy applications.  You are welcome to use it for email, Tweeting and routine web-page browsing with your smartphone, tablet, computer or other device.


Whenever people gather around common interests, some of the best learning occurs unexpectedly — between sessions, during meals, in hotel lobbies.  We’ve provided a full 20 minutes between each session to allow a little more time for this to happen. In addition, we are encourage all session hosts and participants to think of their audience as  equal collaborators in seeking outcomes and making action plans.


Brattleboro has a plethora of unique restaurants, cafes and bars within a few blocks of our meeting venues. SLS2012 registration volunteer Ally King ( has scouted them out and has designated several as “birds-of-a-feather perches” for folks with similar interests.  By Tuesday morning, you will see her list and notations at the link above – and we will post the information on a board in the Latchis Lobby as well.  We’ll post there information about meetups and gatherings and on the web page above.


We have developed two approaches to augment pre-scheduled breakouts and talks:

* On Friday, from 2:10 p.m. to 3:25 p.m., volunteer experts Ingrid Bredenberg and Thara Fuller will facilitate an “Open Space” session in the Holstein Room. We’ll use circle-round, group inquiry to invite discussion about what we’ve learned and what we plan next as a result of SLS2012.
* To allow for unexpected, unplanned collaborations and exchange, we have set aside up to six session blocks in the Holstein Room for self-called, ad-hoc breakouts, presentations and “meetups.” Follow the link above to learn how to request use of these times.



Twitter:!/SlowLivingSmt  hashtag: #sls2012
We will be using social media to keep in touch with you, and for program updates.If you are familiar with Twitter (or even if you’re not), please bookmark the link above. It will allow you to view 140-character messages – called “tweets” – about SLS2012 sent in real-time by your fellow participants and organizers. It’s called a “hash tag” — #sls2012 – and if you are tweeting, please use it.SLS2012 also has a Facebook page, and we will be continuously updating the summit home page before, during and for a few days after the event.

See:  (venues)
See:  (participants)As with any gathering, you may wish to share photos to help remember people, ideas or sessions, and to help with next-step projects.  If you have a photo appropriately shared, please email the photo to and we’ll consider posting it to our Slow Living Summit Flickr resource, where all can use and share it.


Because maintaining the energy of SLS2012 into collaboration and action is an important goal, we’ve invited a small volunteer team of trained writers, lead by University of Massachusetts Jouranalism Program graduate Rachael Roth, to write and post stories about as many sessions as possible.  Their work will be showcased as quickly as possible on the main Slow Living Summit website.  At the link above, if you see a session with no reporter yet assigned, please email Rachael to volunteer:



Brattleboro is fortunate to have a high-quality, family-owned, local full-line community bookstore, Everyone’s Books. Co-owner Nancy Braus and here team will be staffing a table in the lobby of the Latchis and at the River Garden luncheon area. They have secured a selection of books by authors who are presenting at SLS2012, as well as selected highly relevant titles from various sources, including our sponsor, Chelsea Green Publishing. Please consider supporting our authors and our community bookstore.

We encourage authors to be at the Latchis Lobby book table after their presentations for signings and brief discussions.

Everyone’s Books is one block from the Latchis, at 25 Elliot Street, just off Brattleboro’s Main Street. Nancy and her team have arranged a special in-store display as well.  To check on book availability you may  email Nancy at or call her at802-254-8160.


Brattleboro has one of the nation’s oldest and most-active cable-public-access TV services,Brattleboro Community Television or  BCTV.  With the help of their volunteers and staff, and a grant from the Lydia B. Stokes Foundation, we will be providing live video streaming of up to two concurrent sessions through SLS2012.  Ask your family, friends and colleagues who can’t join us to please point their browser to the link above for the schedule of webcasts. And please send the link to your Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.


Please email today, or as soon as possible, if you will be needing to display slides, video or other presentation materials on an LCD projector and screen.  Several of you who are presenting have notified us you will need an LCD projector for computer-slide or video display.  Please remind us now with “VIDEO:” at the start of your email subject line.

Each of our presentation rooms in the Latchis and Marlboro Graduate Center (MGC) WILL have an LCD projector available. If you are in MGC there will be a computer available. If you are in Latchis  1 (main theater) we ask that you put your materials on a portable “thumb” USB device. Then see Wyatt Andrews, Tad Montgomery or Spencer Sahim to make arrangements for adding it to the fixed computer (a MacBook Pro) that will be connected to the Latchis 1 projector. If you are in Latchis 2, 3 or 4, you should have your own computer available for connection to the LCD projector.


Several of you will be joining us “remotely” via a Skype videoconferencing connection. If you see the notation “Skype” in the program, we’re aware of this need and will be in touch with you to arrange a pre-session test.

We look forward to greeting you in Brattleboro!
Bill Densmore, Coordinator
SLOW LIVING SUMMIT | coordinator
Mobile: 617-448-6600 |
Martin C. Langeveld STROLLING OF THE HEIFERS | general manager
SLOW LIVING SUMMIT | marketing director