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Amit Sharma

The Free-co-system

Thurs., June 5 — 1:30 p.m.

Amit’s topic is an exploration of comprehensive “investment” strategies that build personal and community “wealth” — including a thorough re-thinking of the definitions of these common financial terms.

Economic markets are organic. They function similarly to natural ecosystems, and living communities – their “agents” operate with demand/supply relationships, competing for resources to maximize welfare, while mitigating risks, volatility and uncertainty – ultimately effecting organizational efficiencies, productivity and growth. Those “agents” are all of us: individuals and companies, public and private entities, buyers and sellers, educators, merchants, farmers, community activists and public servants, artists and trade professionals.

So how can we better intersect, collaborate and learn from each other? How do people of varying professions and backgrounds define their core “assets”, identify and engage “markets”, mitigate their “risks”, efficiently “leverage” resources for growth and resilience and ultimately build meaningful “wealth” for ourselves and our communities?

Economically-centric in modern parlance, these five words carry loaded or varying definitions to different “agents,” and their traditionally narrow definitions may limit a thorough understanding of our communities, businesses and lifestyles, and the manner in which our “investments” can enhance our collective welfare. Through several interesting examples – globally, nationally and locally – this dialogue explores the organic nature of markets and communities. And within this re-defined framework, perhaps we may develop a more comprehensive re-definition of “investment” that can facilitate more meaningful engagements that strengthen our collective resilience and develop true wealth.

Amit Sharma has worked for organizations at the highest levels of the corporate, financial, government and development sectors, with a focus on emerging market economies. Through his career, he has engaged in a myriad of roles across these sectors and in consideration of the diverse risks that intersect commercial enterprise, domestic and international policy and the financial markets.